How To Make Sure Your Car’s AC Is Ready for Summer

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Getting your car’s AC ready for summer is something you don’t want to ignore. Procrastinating on auto air conditioner repair and maintenance will make you sweat profusely in your car on a 90-degree day. It’s time to test and prepare your car’s AC for peak performance during summer. Here is how.

Check Your Cooling System

A faulty cooling system can completely shut down your car’s AC. Simply ensure the cooling system has a clean coolant. If it is dirty, flush it out and add a new coolant.

Check Your Cabin Air Filter

Most car owners forget to check their cabin air filters. We partly blame that on the engineer, as one has to take a lot of parts off to reach the filter.

There is always a likelihood that your air filters might be dirty. Check out cabin air filters about three times a year. You can vacuum them off to use them longer.

Check Your Electric Cooling Fans

Turn the AC fully, and check your electric cooling fans to ensure they spin whenever the AC is turned on. The latest car models have two electric fans, so it’s time to fix it if you realize that only one spins.

Plus, check the front of the AC condenser located in front of the car’s radiator. Remove anything restricting the airflow. Don’t be surprised to find a plastic bag or other debris blocking the airflow.

Recharge Often

Your car needs auto AC charging as it runs on specific fluids. Lack of enough fluids causes your car AC to function faultily. Coolants help cool down the air before distributing it across your car. 

If you notice your AC system blowing air inefficiently, it is time for some coolant recharge. We recommend that you recharge it every two to three years. 

Also, if the coolant depletes too quickly, you might have to inspect it for some leakages. If you procrastinate on this, it might be costly to repair issues. 

Look at the Compressor

A properly functioning compressor is necessary for cool air to blow out from your vents, but it is challenging to detect issues in the compressor immediately.

The compressor is surrounded by many parts that help protect it from wear and tear. Contact us once you realize any sign of damage to your compressor.

Check Your Fan Belt              

Check the fan belt to ensure it isn’t loose or cracked. Your car might have several AC belts. Inspect them to find out if there are any damages on them.

Service Schedule

Follow the service schedule by the manufacturer to ensure all the services are undertaken. We do auto AC recharging, replacing, and repairing parts or leakages.   

Our regular AC services help prevent future breakdowns for a super ride during Ohio’s scorching sunlight.     

Your Trusted Local Car Mechanic in Nelsonville, OH

At Dana’s Tire Center, we desire to see you have a comfortable ride during summer! Contact us today for professional auto air conditioner repair and maintenance services. We handle all makes and models! 

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