Spring Tuneups Can Save You Money in the Long Run

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Spring is finally here, following a long, cold winter. This means that it is time to get ready for road trips and plenty of sunshine. However, before jumping into your car and taking it for a ride, you’ll want to follow a spring maintenance checklist to ensure your vehicle is ready for the warmer weather and to ensure that it hasn’t endured any damage from the cold winter months.

Spring Auto Check-List

Rims and Tires

You probably know that hitting a pothole can cause a number of issues on both your rims and tires. Many of the effects are immediate. However, it is also possible to have minor damage that you don’t notice. This is the perfect time to have your rims checked out and change your winter tires for the spring and summer seasons. Once you make these changes, you can have your winter tires checked out for wear, cracking, and other damage.

Shocks and Brakes

When it comes to car maintenance, brakes are extremely important. It is possible to damage your brakes during the winter since many drivers tend to ride their brakes a little more during the winter months to reduce sliding and more. Brakes can wear out from road salt and de-icers that were put on the road during the winter.

Windshield Wipers

It is easy to overlook windshield wipers when going in for an auto tune up. However, they are needed for rain, snow, and much more. Various elements of the weather can take a toll on your wiper blades, so they are important to have so you can see the road clearly. Make sure that you have your wipers checked out and replaced if necessary.


Cold winters can be hard on your car’s battery. However, the summer heat can have the same effect. This is why it is imperative that you ensure your battery is prepared for the hotter weather by having a mechanic take a look at its condition. Many batteries last anywhere between five and seven years, but it varies depending on how often you drive.

Car Filters

Your engine needs a clean filter to perform well. Additionally, the cabin filter affects the air quality that you are receiving inside your car. It can also affect the cooling and defrosting systems in your car.

Engine Fluids

The springtime is the best time to have the fluids in your engine checked and or changed. The power steering fluid, transmission and brake fluids, engine oil, and antifreeze should all be checked out. The correct amount of coolant can prevent your vehicle from overheating as the weather gets hotter.

Be sure to also:

  • Give your car a good washing
  • Look for possible damage
  • Clean out the glove compartment
  • Check your emergency kit

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