What Are the Benefits of Beadlock Wheels?

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Interested in taking your vehicle’s off-road performance to the next level? Investing in a set of beadlock wheels may be right for you if you want to push your vehicle to its limits on challenging terrain like snow, sand, rocks and more. Read on to learn what beadlock wheels are, as well as how they can benefit your vehicle.

What are beadlock wheels?

A true beadlock wheel has its beginnings in military technology, but it’s popularly used for off-road racing and rock crawling. A beadlock clamps a tire’s bead between an outer and inner ring, providing pressure that keeps the bead of a tire locked in place. The two rings are bolted together, and the inner ring is usually welded onto the actual wheel itself.

While standard wheels use air pressure to keep a tight seal between the tire’s bead and rim to prevent air leakage, a beadlock wheel allows drivers to significantly reduce the air pressure in their tires. Lower tire pressure allows the tires to maintain better traction on a variety of terrain surfaces, enabling off-road driving.

The tires also have extra pliability from the slouching sidewalls, making them less prone to puncture, which is especially important for rock crawling. Beadlock wheels are very safe if you follow recommended use and maintenance protocol.

What are the benefits of beadlock wheels?

Beadlock wheels are typically used for off-road driving, and their benefits largely have to do with that form of use. Primary benefits include:

  • Improved performance: The main reason off-road drivers choose beadlock wheels for their truck or other off-road vehicle is that they allow you to drive with a lower tire air pressure. You can take your tires to 6 PSI or even lower, while factory wheels only allow for pressure to be dropped between 12 and 16 PSI, entirely depending on the weight of your rig. The result is enhanced traction on sand, snow, rocks and other conditions. If you typically drive on terrain that requires lower tire pressure for maximum traction, investing in a set of beadlock wheels is an excellent choice.
  • Durability: Beadlock wheels feature incredibly strong rims that can take a lot of wear and tear. If you frequently drive your vehicle on rocky roads, the outermost edges of the rims can take a constant beating against rocks and still maintain their structural integrity.
  • Aesthetic concerns: Many drivers prefer beadlock wheels to standard options simply because they feature an interesting aesthetic that looks good. Wheels are powder coated in the color of your choice, contributing to their overall longevity.

The decision to install beadlock wheels on your vehicle depends entirely on what you plan on using the vehicle for. If you go off-road often, or plan to do so in the future, it’s a safe bet that a new set of beadlock wheels can be a smart investment. Get in touch with the experts at Dana’s Tire Center to learn more about beadlock wheels, as well as the tires that work best with them.

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