All-Terrain vs. Mud-Terrain Tires

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If you never leave the paved roadways when driving your vehicle, you can probably stop reading this right now, because this is for those who take the roads less traveled off the beaten path. Okay, now that we’ve got the right audience, it’s time to consider a nagging question: How do you consider all-terrain vs mud-terrain tires in Athens County, OH? How do you know which type of tires will be right for you and your vehicle?

A lot of the decision boils down to what type of activities you expect to undertake in your vehicle. Another aspect to consider is what type of terrain you expect to encounter. And finally, it’s important to consider the weather conditions you may be driving in. Here are some situations and terrain types to consider when deciding between all-terrain vs mud-terrain tires in Athens County, OH.


This may seem obvious, but mud-terrain tires are the best choice for driving in mud. This is because this type of tire has larger spacing between treads, which helps clean the treads out without having to spin the tire too fast. This helps give you more control when driving through mud. Mud-terrain tires also have special features like kick-out bars, which help get out any mud that gets stuck between the treads.


While there are specific tires designed for driving through snow and ice, you may not be able to get yet another set of specialty tires for your vehicle. If you only have all-terrain vs mud-terrain tires to choose from, which is best? You may think that snow is similar to mud in that it can easily get stuck between the treads, so maybe mud terrain is the right choice? But in reality, driving through snow likely means you will have a more varied terrain, so the all-terrain tires would be a slightly better choice here for their versatility.


Sand is a tricky landscape to consider when it comes to off-roading. You don’t want to sink too far down into that loose soil beneath you, so it’s good to have a large footprint. An aggressive tire may want to dig down instead of move forward. The tight tread of an all-terrain tire gives a nice balance and grip here.


The southwestern United States is full of desert that can be incredibly fun to explore with an off-road vehicle. One reason it’s so fun is that you can typically get going faster here than other types of terrain. Unfortunately, a desert environment can wreak havoc on your tires, especially sidewalls. All-terrain tires have the advantage here because of their more uniform design. This helps with stability at those higher speeds. Mud-terrain tires can work here as well, but all terrain will put you on more sure footing.

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