How Often Should You Have Your Shocks Checked?

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Shocks are an important component in the suspension system in your car. Shocks and struts work together to keep the underside of your vehicle from being damaged while going over bumps. They also aid in the steering and handling of your vehicle.

As with all vehicle components, shocks will experience wear and tear over time and may eventually need to be replaced. You can assure that your shocks last a long time by giving them proper maintenance.

Getting proper shock maintenance is important in maintaining the overall quality of your vehicle in Athens County, OH. You might be curious, however, about how often this maintenance needs to be done.

The frequency at which you should have your shocks checked can depend on many factors, including how often you drive your vehicle and where and how you’ve been driving. Shocks usually need to be replaced every 50,000 to 100,000 miles, but it’s a good idea to have your mechanic check them out every now and again as well, especially if you notice certain problems.

Common problems caused by bad shocks

There are several noticeable problems that might occur with your vehicle if it has bad shocks. Certain changes in the way your vehicle handles could be a sign of bad shocks. Driving a vehicle with bad shocks might make the road feel more bumpy than usual. It’ll also feel rougher to drive over bumps and potholes when your shocks are damaged.

Your steering will also likely be affected if there are problems with your shocks, so be aware of any difficulty when turning. Other possible symptoms of problems with your shocks include fluid leaks and the tires on one side wearing more quickly than those on the other side.

How to take care of your shocks

To take care of your shocks, you should have routine maintenance done on your vehicle’s suspension system. You can do this by taking your vehicle to see a mechanic in Athens County, OH for regular shock maintenance service. They can check for any problems with your suspension system and offer helpful advice on maintaining it.

It’s important to make sure your tires are always inflated with the right amount of air. Having the tires rotated on a routine basis can also help maintain your suspension.

Try to avoid driving over bumps and potholes if at all possible. Constantly driving over these obstacles can cause your shocks to need replacement much quicker than usual.

When to replace your shocks

If you notice any signs of problems with your shocks, go see a mechanic immediately. A reputable mechanic will let you know if the problem is with your shocks and if they need to be replaced. It’s extremely dangerous to drive your vehicle if it has bad shocks, so don’t put off replacing them.

Quickly seeing a mechanic to diagnose the problems on your vehicle could also prevent further damage down the line.

For high-quality vehicle maintenance and repairs, including shock replacement in Athens County OH, contact the experts at Dana’s Tire Center today.

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