How Bad Brakes Damage Your Vehicle

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The brakes on your vehicle perform the important task of controlling speed and stopping when necessary. As brakes age, they require service, repair and sometimes replacement. However, damage from old brake pads in Athens County, OH may also impact the function of the rest of your vehicle.

The importance of brake maintenance

Several key components determine how well your vehicle’s braking system operates. The effect of poor brake maintenance in Athens County, OH not only impacts this vital system, but ignoring brake maintenance tasks such as checking fluid levels and the integrity of the pads also puts your car, truck or SUV in jeopardy. As brakes fail, other components feel the impact and work overtime to slow your vehicle down.

How bad brakes damage your vehicle

Driving around with ill-maintained brakes not only damages this specific system, but also causes problems for other parts of your vehicle. As a person continues to drive around with bad brakes, other important parts work harder to slow down the wheels and stop the vehicle. With enough time and use, brake pads deteriorate entirely, exposing the rotors, calipers, pistons and tires to irreversible damage:

  • Rotors: Your rotors experience extensive damage from old brake pads in Athens County, OH. To slow down your car’s wheels while in motion, your brake pads compress against the rotors. As your brake pads wear down over time, the condition of rotors suffers. Metal rubbing against metal at high speeds causes friction, causing both pieces to erode further. Repairing or replacing rotors costs much more than maintaining your brake pads as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Calipers: A car’s brake calipers also see the effect of poor brake maintenance in Athens County, OH. Brake pads attach to the calipers. When the pads have deteriorated and you press the brake pedal, the calipers grind against the rotors. This impacts the efficacy of both the rotors and the calipers.
  • Pistons: Another component of a car’s braking system is the pistons. These components may also experience damage when the brake pads deteriorate enough for the calipers and rotors to rub against one another.
  • Tires: Your braking system works in tandem with your tires. Degraded brake pads put extra pressure on your tires, causing them to become unbalanced. While rotating your tires may slow down this wear and tear, in most cases, the damage is irreversible. Most often, tires also need replacement when brake pads have worn down a significant amount.

Without properly functioning brake pads, you’re counting down the days until you cause a traffic accident. Failing brakes poses a serious threat to your safety as well as the safety of others in your community. Ignoring the signs of brake wear and tear not only endangers you and others, but it also leads to expensive damage to other vital components of your vehicle.

With nearly four decades spent working with tires, brakes, steering columns and suspension, Dana’s Tire Center has hands-on experience repairing the effects of poor brake maintenance in Athens County, OH on any car, truck or SUV. If it’s time to have your brakes serviced or replaced, contact us now to make an appointment.

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