Signs That Your Suspension Needs to Be Replaced

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Has your ride been a lot bumpier than normal? Your suspension might be the cause. Although plenty of people believe that suspension only cushions a car, it also helps control the vehicle while stopping and turning. If you notice any of these signs when you drive your vehicle, it’s important to go get your suspension inspected and replaced if necessary. You’ll be safer and more comfortable.

Here are the top suspension warning signs in Athens County, OH:

  • You’re experiencing rough rides, even on smooth roads: Rough, bumpy rides even on brand-new freeways are a sign that your shocks need maintenance in Athens County, OH. This is the most obvious sign of suspension issues, and even if you’re okay with being uncomfortable, it still needs to be checked out.
  • Your tire treads are wearing unevenly: You regularly inspect your tires, right? If not, you should. In addition to other tire and vehicle issues, your tires will tell you when your suspension needs work. Look for bald patches or uneven wear on your tread—this means the suspension is uneven, and is putting too much weight on one or more parts of your tires.
  • Your shocks look oily or greasy: A lot of car parts need to be lubricated, but if you look underneath your car and see that your shocks appear oily and greasy, that’s a problem. This means that the shocks are leaking fluid, and they need to be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Your car drifts or pulls: Drifting and pulling—especially during turns—is a sign that there’s something wrong with your suspension. While bumpy rides are easy enough to ignore, not being able to handle your car during turns is a major issue. Get to a mechanic right away to ensure a safer ride.
  • You notice dipping or nose diving: If you’ve noticed your car lurching forward or “nose diving” when you stop, that’s a suspension issue. It’s also a safety issue—suspension issues can slow braking by up to 20 percent. That might not seem like a big deal on paper, but sometimes accident prevention requires split-second braking decisions. Get your suspension replaced as soon as you notice this problem.
  • Your car fails the bounce test: When your car is in park, press down on the front with all of your weight and bounce it two or three times before releasing. Do the same to the back of the vehicle. If your car keeps bouncing after you’ve released it, it’s a sign that you need to replace your suspension.

Taking care of your suspension makes your ride a lot safer. If you’ve noticed any of these suspension warning signs in Athens County, OH, bring your vehicle in to Dana’s Tire Center for repairs and service. We pride ourselves on being able to perform all suspension-related services right here in our shop, so you can get safety issues taken care of right away. Get in touch with us today with any questions or to schedule your service appointment.

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