Why Snow Tires Are Important

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Winter weather is here, and it’s time to start finalizing all of your seasonal travel plans. If you’re planning on doing a lot of driving this winter, whether you’re just commuting to work or you’re taking a trip out of state, you need to make sure that your car is equipped for the trip. In addition to keeping up on maintenance and handling repairs, it’s also a good time to consider purchasing snow tires in Athens County, OH. Snow tires are important for several reasons, no matter where you may be headed this winter.

What are snow tires?

Before deciding whether to buy snow tires, it’s important to understand exactly what they are. Lots of people assume that snow tires are the same as all-season tires, but there are actually a number of big differences between these two types of tires. Snow tires are specially engineered to perform in freezing temperatures and snowy driving conditions. They are made from rubber that won’t stiffen when the temperature dips below freezing. This allows snow tires to remain flexible and maintain good traction with the road during the winter months. Snow tires also have deeper tread depths and patterns that are designed for optimized traction in the snow and ice.

Benefits of snow tires

Investing in snow tires can have a number of positive impacts on your vehicle and your overall driving experience, including:

  • Better traction: The most significant benefit of snow tires is that they offer better traction than all-season tires. Equipping your vehicle with a set of snow tires gives you confidence on the road and better peace of mind on all of your winter trips. A quality set of snow tires in Athens County, OH offers reliable performance and durability in a wide variety of weather and road conditions. No matter how unpleasant road conditions get, your snow tires will ensure consistent traction with the pavement to minimize risks and keep you safe.
  • More convenient: Dealing with chains during the winter months is inconvenient and time consuming. Avoid the hassle of putting chains on and taking them off by using snow tires for winter driving. Snow tires offer the same traction and durability benefits of chains without the difficulty of installing and removing them before and after every winter trip.
  • Less wear on all-season tires: Switching out regular all-season tires for snow tires allows drivers to reduce wear and tear. The winter months are especially hard on all-season tires that aren’t optimized for icy conditions, and removing these tires before extreme weather conditions will contribute to much better performance and longevity over time. Once spring rolls around, simply replace your snow tires with your regular tires.

Snow tires in Athens County, OH

Outfit your car with snow tires in Athens County, OH by reaching out to Dana’s Tire Center. No matter where the road is taking you this season, our team of certified technicians is here to make sure your vehicle is ready. From inspections and diagnostics to maintenance and repairs, we offer all of the services you need to get your vehicle ready for winter driving. Call us or stop by for more information or a service quote.

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