The Biggest Threats to Tires

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Today’s tires are built with advanced materials that allow them to withstand harsh road conditions and last for quite a while before they need to be replaced. However, that doesn’t mean they’re invincible. Tires do have some natural enemies that lead to ill-timed flats. Keep reading to learn a few of the most common causes for flat tires in Athens County, OH:

  • Normal wear and tear: Over time, the tread on each tire starts to wear down, making your tires less effective at gripping the road, and thus unsafe. How long it takes for this to happen varies based on a driver’s commute, driving style and car. We recommend checking your tire tread by sticking a penny head-down in the grooves. If you can see the top of Abe Lincoln’s head, you need a new set of tires.
  • Underinflation: Underinflated tires lead to uneven wear and damage to the sidewall, and can even damage the rim. Newer cars actually have a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that tells you when the air pressure in one of your tires is low. If your car is on the older side, you’ll want to check your tire pressure regularly to ensure they’re inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended level.
  • Overinflation: On the other end of the spectrum, having too much air in the tires also leads to problems. Overinflation means less of the rubber makes contact with the road, leading to safety issues. Before you fill up your tires, be sure to check the maximum pressure as indicated on the label on the sidewall of each tire.
  • Curbs: Turning too sharply around a corner or trying to parallel park can result in your tire running over the curb. Though it might not seem like a big deal at the time, it’s one of the most common causes for flat tires in Athens County, OH. In addition to causing a flat, that seemingly innocuous curb can also damage the sidewall and the rim of your wheel.
  • Misalignment: Your tires can become misaligned over time, which might not seem like a big deal at first. Unfortunately, it leads to excessive wear on the edges of the tire, which means you’ll need to replace your tires prematurely. You can tell if your tires are improperly aligned if your vehicle pulls to one side of the road or the other when you’re driving in a straight line.
  • Potholes: Driving down a road that’s riddled with potholes is one of the most frustrating things for a driver. If you’re not careful to dodge each one, you run the risk of puncturing your tire or even causing other problems for your vehicle. Our best advice is to avoid as many potholes as you can, and check your tires after you hit a pothole to ensure you didn’t puncture it.

If you’ve experienced any of these common causes for flat tires in Athens County, OH, be sure to come by Dana’s Tire Center for new tires and other tire services. We carry a huge selection of the top tire brands, including Goodyear, Cooper, Michelin and more!

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