How Often Should You Change Your Oil… and How Often Do You?

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Owning a car is a great convenience, but a lack of maintenance can quickly turn it into a money drain. A prime example is not changing the oil as frequently as you should. Truth be told, how often you change your oil probably differs from expert-suggested intervals for oil change service in Athens County, OH. Many vehicle owners are in the same boat, so don’t kick yourself for being guilty of this! You’re moving in the right direction as long as you don’t dismiss what your car is trying to tell you via sound, smell and feel.

Let’s review a few important things about oil changes, including knowing when to change the oil, checking oil levels and changing the oil on a regular schedule.

An overview

From the environment to harsh terrain to your driving habits, a number of factors can have an effect on the condition of your motor oil. Environmental influences like dust, dirt and road salt can get into your engine’s air filter, making your car work harder. How hard you push your vehicle also plays a role in oil condition, as do the types of roads and terrain you drive on. A vehicle’s oil should be serviced before the manufacturer’s recommendation to keep it running at its best and to avoid costly repairs from doing the “bare minimum.”

When to change the oil in your car

First, refer to your owner’s manual for suggested car maintenance and information about your vehicle. If you have a newer vehicle, it likely has different needs than other cars you’ve owned in the past, including its oil change interval. In addition to checking the manual, you should also pay attention to the dashboard service lights. Schedule an oil change when the oil icon lights up, but keep in mind that it’s best not to wait for this indicator light to appear.

Check the oil level

Even if you don’t know how to change the oil yourself, anyone can check the oil level. Check the dipstick at least once a month to see if the oil is dirty or needs to be topped off. Call your mechanic if you find damage while under the hood or suspect there’s a leak in the system.

Frequency of oil changes

Some people follow the “every 3,000 miles or every three months” rule, but advances in engines and oil have most automakers recommending oil changes take place every 7,500 or 10,000 miles, or every six or 12 months. A general rule of thumb is to change it twice a year, no matter how few miles you clock, but more often if you’re a regular commuter.

The experts at Dana’s Tire Center and other experienced mechanics suggest adhering to a more frequent oil change schedule than what is recommended by manufacturers. We regularly see the common problems that pop up when a vehicle’s oil is left for too long. Simply put, you need oil change service in Athens County, OH every 3,000 miles unless you want to spend around $7,500 to replace a destroyed engine. Call Dana’s Tire Center today to schedule an appointment!

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