Terms to Know When Purchasing Suspension Components

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The condition and quality of your suspension is absolutely crucial to the performance of your vehicle. No matter how good of an engine you’ve got under the hood, it’s going to be useless if your suspension system isn’t equipped to handle the power the engine delivers. Therefore, you’re going to need to make sure you pick proper components for the kind of driving you have in mind.

Purchasing suspension components can be a complicated process, especially if you’re a first-timer. Here are some terms you’ll want to know when you want to purchase suspension components or need help from an auto service in Athens County, OH:

  • Anti-hop bars: Anti-hop bars are a type of rear suspension component specifically designed to cut down on wheel hop during hard launches. They’re an alternative to lift bars on vehicles that have coil spring suspension systems. While not as effective as traction bars, they still make great choices for street cars.
  • Coil overs: Coil overs are a type of suspension device that feature a shock absorber surrounded by a coil spring in a single integrated unit.
  • Control arms: Control arms are a common aftermarket upgrade on vehicles that are used to restrict movement in the rear axle.
  • Housing floaters: This type of suspension component is used to cut out any binding that would be potentially caused by four-links or ladder bars.
  • Four-links: Speaking of four-links, this type of adjustable rear suspension offers much more room for adjustment than you’d get with ladder bars, and is capable of handling greater torque loads as well. By using them you can adjust your suspension for a wide variety of track conditions.
  • Ladder bars: And speaking of ladder bars, these components feature a rigid truss that locates the rear axle to the chassis, which allows for a direct transfer of torque through the bars and creates instant traction and front-end lift.
  • Lift bars: Lift bars are a type of traction bar that help to increase rear traction and cut out wheel hop. The lift bars are generally bolted on, and are particularly beneficial if you’re going to be doing any straight-line racing with your vehicle. They’ll most commonly be used with coil spring suspensions.
  • Shocks: Shocks, also known as shock absorbers, are parts that improve the quality and comfort of the ride by cutting down on the movement of the suspension and dampening spring bounce and movement. They allow you to go over bumps and imperfections in the road or surface without being jostled around as much.
  • Struts: Struts are used on the front end of front-wheel drive vehicles, and are designed to give some extra structural support to the vehicle. They have the added benefit of serving as a dampener, which helps provide a smoother ride and better performance. They feature a shock absorber, coil spring, spring seat, steering knuckle and strut bearing.

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