When Should I Replace My Muffler? Can It Be Repaired Instead?

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A muffler won’t last you forever, especially if you’re already driving an older car. For this reason, it’s important to know when you need to replace the part so you can keep your vehicle’s exhaust system in the best operational condition.

With this in mind, here are some circumstances in which you should consider replacing your muffler with the help of a technician who specializes in exhaust repair in Athens County, OH.

You’re dealing with extremely loud noises from your vehicle

These noises will be pretty obvious. You should know by now what your vehicle sounds like during standard operation. You know any quirks that it might have developed over the years, and what sounds you can safely ignore. If your engine starts to sound much louder than usual, or if you notice new, strange noises coming from the vehicle that you haven’t heard before, then it’s a good idea for you to go and get your exhaust system checked out at a trustworthy auto repair shop.

Typically, the culprit when noises arise is the muffler, but you should look for damage anywhere along the entire exhaust system. You’ll generally be able to replace the muffler several times before you need to look into replacing the exhaust system as a whole. This generally won’t become an issue, though, until your vehicle reaches older age.

You notice issues with the pipes

If you’re worried that you have problems with your muffler or exhaust system, you can perform a visual inspection of the pipes under your vehicle. Just make sure you do so after the vehicle has been shut off and parked in place for at least a few hours so it is cool. Look at the tail pipe, and then follow it up toward the front of the car, looking for any holes or other signs of damage along the way. Leaks tend to happen near the seams, though there’s a chance the leak is in the engine, in which case you probably won’t be able to find it yourself. If you’re uncomfortable performing this inspection on your own, it’s a good idea to take your vehicle in to a repair shop where a professional can take a good look at it for you.

You smell exhaust fumes coming from your vehicle

You should never smell your own vehicle’s exhaust fumes, so if you notice the smell while waiting at a red light or while driving your vehicle, this means there’s likely a hole in the muffler or a leak in the exhaust system. This is bad, because there is carbon monoxide in car exhaust, exposure to which can result in poisoning, sickness and death. Take your vehicle in to a repair shop as soon as you’re able if you start smelling exhaust coming from your car. There’s a reason your vehicle needs to be able to pass an emissions test to be deemed street legal.

For more information about muffler repairs, or to schedule exhaust repair in Athens County, OH, contact Dana’s Tire Center today.

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