What’s a Coolant Flush, and Why Is It Important?

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During the summer months, it can be a challenge for people to stay cool, and that same principle applies to cars. Vehicle engines generate a significant amount of heat, and this process is only exacerbated by climbing temperatures. While cars are designed to withstand a wide variety of weather conditions, they can still sustain damage from the hot weather if they aren’t cared for properly. Coolant helps regulate your engine’s temperature, and understanding how to maintain your vehicle’s coolant levels can help you avoid radiator repair in Athens County, OH and keep your car running the way it should this summer.

The importance of coolant

Coolant is added to the radiator and is circulated through the engine when the car is in operation. Coolant doesn’t just reduce the risk of engine overheating—it can also reduce the risk of engine freezing during the winter months, which is why coolant is also referred to as anti-freeze. The purpose of coolant isn’t to make your engine too hot or too cold—it’s to keep your engine at the optimum temperature for operation while reducing the risk of engine damage.

Coolant flushes

When coolant is first added to your vehicle, it is in its purest form and free from contaminants and debris. Over time, coolant circulates through your engine and picks up all kinds of dust and particles along the way. These particles can clog your radiator and prevent it from working effectively to maintain your engine temperature. As your engine starts to overheat, excessive temperatures will cause your coolant to evaporate, only making the problem worse. Without a coolant replacement or radiator flush, you are bound to end up with a roadside breakdown due to overheating.

The good news is that a coolant flush is a relatively straightforward service that doesn’t require a significant amount of time or money. During a coolant flush, a mechanic who specializes in radiator repair in Athens County, OH will drain all of the old coolant from your radiator and circulate new coolant through the system. This flush not only gets rid of old, dirty coolant, it also drains some of the grime and dust particles that might have built up in your coolant lines and radiator.

Generally speaking, you will need to flush your coolant every three years. For a precise interval recommendation, you should consult your vehicle owner’s manual. You can request this service from your mechanic during a standard service appointment. You can expect to pay between $50 and $100 for a professional coolant flush and replacement.

Radiator repair in Athens County, OH

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