Protect Your Brakes from Serious Damage

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Each of your vehicle’s systems is essential to its operation, longevity, efficiency and performance. Your brakes are especially important to the overall safety and function of your vehicle, and it’s critical that you invest some time and energy into caring for this system properly. One of the most crucial aspects of brake care is brake fluid maintenance, and a lot of car owners don’t know when or how to complete this service. Read on for simple instructions from an auto mechanic in Athens County, OH.

The importance of brake fluid

All of the fluids in your vehicle play important roles in your car’s operation, but brake fluid is especially important. Brake fluid keeps your brake pads operating the way that they are supposed to and ensures that you are able to control your vehicle’s stopping to the fullest possible extent. If your brake fluid is low or deteriorated, it won’t work effectively to stop your vehicle. You might notice that your brake pedal feels squishy or less responsive than usual. Any reduction in the effectiveness of your brakes can be incredibly dangerous, and that’s why it’s so important to keep your brake fluid levels in check.

Checking and replacing your brake fluid

To check your brake fluid, you will first need to open the hood of your vehicle and locate the reservoir cap. Your brake fluid reservoir can be found in front of your steering wheel. Unscrew the cap to check the fluid level. Typically, brake fluid reservoirs have a minimum and maximum fill level indicator that you can use to determine whether it’s time to replenish your fluid. You should also check the color of your brake fluid. You can do this by dipping a clean paper towel into the reservoir. New brake fluid is similar in color to white wine. As brake fluid ages and deteriorates, it will become darker in color. If your brake fluid looks dark brown, you will need to have the fluid flushed by an auto mechanic in Athens County OH.

To determine how often you need your brake fluid checked, you should consult your vehicle owner’s manual. Typically, you only need to change brake fluid every two to four years, but this can vary widely depending on the make and model of your vehicle. You should have your brake fluid checked when you go to your mechanic for routine oil changes. As long as you keep an eye on the fluid level and take care of fluid flushes as necessary, you can feel confident that your brake fluid should continue performing the way that it’s supposed to.

Visit an auto mechanic in Athens County, OH

For professional help with routine car maintenance from an auto mechanic in Athens County, OH, reach out to Dana’s Tire Center. Since 1983, our team has been proud to provide comprehensive auto repair and maintenance services to our customers. Regardless of what your specific concerns may be, our team is here to assist you. Give us a call or stop by today to get started with an appointment and diagnostic inspection.

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