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Routine tire rotation helps keep your car safer on the road by encouraging even wear on your tires as you drive. It’s also an important part of regular car maintenance that can ultimately save you money and time. Even if you regularly have your tires rotated, you may not realize the importance of your tire rotation pattern in Athens County, OH.

Knowing how your mechanic rotates your tires can help you better understand the importance of tire rotation patterns.

Why Tire Rotation Patterns Are Important

Tire rotation patterns allow your local tire shop or auto mechanic to make sure your tires are properly rotated every time. By following a tire rotation pattern, your tire professionals will be able to help prevent excess wear on individual tires. Instead, your regularly rotated tires will wear evenly. This helps you save money by eliminating the need to purchase new tires individually as they wear out. You can usually save money by buying all four tires at once instead of purchasing one tire at a time.

Additionally, tire rotation patterns can help alert your auto repair shop to other issues with the alignment of your vehicle. For example, if the tire in the front passenger position always has more wear than the others after a rotation, you may have an issue with your vehicle’s alignment or brakes. Your mechanic will be tipped off by uneven wear in one tire position and can then better assess your car’s needs.

Different Types of Patterns

There are many different types of tire rotation patterns in Athens County, OH. Each one is used for different types of vehicles. Tire rotation patterns take into account the drive of the vehicle as well as tire size and the size of your spare.

Front-wheel drive vehicles with a full-size spare, for example, will follow a certain pattern that incorporates the full-size spare tire into the regular tire rotation. This allows for equal wear among all of your tires and extends the life of the tires by using the spare as another tire. On the other hand, a rear-wheel drive car will usually use a different rotation pattern than a front-wheel drive car.

How to Get the Right Rotation Pattern Every Time

In addition to tire rotation patterns for specific tire sizes or drive types, there are some patterns that can be used for all drive types. Taking your car to a different mechanic every time can cause your tire rotation pattern to get out of sync and cause excess wear on your tires. To ensure that your tires are rotated with the same pattern every time, visit the same mechanic for your tire rotation. By taking your car to the same mechanic, you’ll eliminate confusion from work done by another shop and get better results from your tire rotation.

Set Up a Tire Rotation Appointment

Get into a regular schedule of tire rotations using the same tire rotation pattern in Athens County, OH by setting up an appointment with the experts at Dana’s Tire Center today.

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