Top Reasons to Switch Back to Summer Tires in Athens County, OH Right Away

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Summer is almost here, which means drier weather and hotter temperatures are on the way. While many homeowners are planning their home improvement projects, some vehicle owners are getting ready to change out their cars’ tires to match the season. Although driving on different tires from season to season is not a requirement, doing so can greatly improve performance and safety. When you have one set of tires for winter use and another set for summer use, you will notice changes in handling, and you can save money on replacement tires down the road.

Below are a few good reasons to switch back to your summer tires in Athens County, OH right away.

Better traction

With regular rotations and proper care, high-quality tires from reputable brands will last car owners thousands of miles. But there is a way to extend the life of your tires even more: switch them out according to the season. Summer is right around the corner, and coming with the warm, dry weather are equally warm and dry driving surfaces. Switching to summer tires means better traction and grip on hot roads, just as winter tires are designed with the same abilities to get you safely through snow and ice. The main difference with summer tires is that they are made so that the rubber compounds are hard enough to increase responsiveness, braking and cornering in warm weather.

Decreased deterioration

Driving on winter tires when the weather begins to warm up makes them more prone to deterioration compared to driving in cold weather. Luckily, tires that are specific to summertime driving are made to handle the increased friction and heat coming off the warm and dry pavement. Additionally, the tread on summer tires (when used only during summer) doesn’t wear out as quickly, which can save you money on replacement tires in the future.

Better fuel efficiency

Did you know that switching your car’s tires to summer tires at the right time can save you money on gas? It’s best to wait until summer begins to change them out; otherwise, expect to see an increase in the fuel consumption of your vehicle, because the increased grip and traction you get from summer tires helps you use less gas by increasing the distance your vehicle travels. As a result, you end up having to press the gas pedal less often.

Improved safety, handling and performance

During the summer months, your summer tires can improve your vehicle’s safety, handling and performance. For one thing, the rubber treads on summer tires are better able to make contact with the road’s surface, and your vehicle will have more agility to make it around corners. And because summer tires have fewer grooves and are designed for more rubber-to-road contact, brake responsiveness is improved. Another safety benefit of summer tires is that they help you navigate better and remain in control of your vehicle during summer rain showers.

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