Your Guide for Spring Auto Maintenance

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Spring has sprung, which means it’s a good time to get your vehicle a good tune-up before the warmer weather really starts to set in. If you want your car to be in the best possible condition for long road trips during the hot summer weather, then making spring maintenance a priority is crucial.

Here are some of the steps you should take this spring to get your vehicle ready to go with the help of an auto service in Athens County, OH:

  • Oil change: If your vehicle is due for an oil change now (or will be soon), it’s a good time to get it done. The motor oil is a crucial part of your vehicle’s engine system, as it lubricates all the moving parts of the engine and prevents the vehicle from overheating as those components rub together. The winter weather can really do a number on your motor oil, making it gunky and less effective than it once was, so get your oil changed to prepare for the new season and the warmer weather ahead.
  • Check your fluids: While you’re at it, go ahead and check all the other essential fluids in your vehicle to see if you need to refresh them. These fluids include your coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid and even your windshield wiper fluid. Be sure to consult your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule—transmission fluid, for example, doesn’t need to be flushed and changed nearly as often as engine oil.
  • Headlights: Bright headlights are critical for safe driving. If your lights seem dimmer than usual, it might not be the bulbs that are at issue—it could be that you’ve got dirty headlights that could use a good scrubbing. Clean them off, and if they still seem dim, then you can replace the bulbs.
  • Wiper blades: The changing of the season is a great time to change your wiper blades, especially if they’ve been exposed to snow and ice during the winter. Those conditions can really wear down your wiper blades, and wiper blades that are worn down don’t clear off your windshield well enough, reducing your visibility and making for unsafe driving conditions. Replace those blades and give yourself a clear perspective!
  • Belts and hoses: Check all your vehicle’s belts and hoses and make sure that they are still in good condition. Your vehicle technician can do this during an oil change.
  • Replace filters: There are a variety of filters you should replace in your vehicle on a regular basis to keep the vehicle operating efficiently and to maintain your own health inside the vehicle. These filters include the engine air filter, the fuel filter and the cabin air filter.
  • Tire pressure: Tire pressure naturally drops over the winter months, so make sure your tires are inflated to the proper levels so you can maximize your fuel efficiency and safety. Your vehicle’s recommended tire pressure can be found in the owner’s manual.

For more information about seasonal auto service in Athens County, OH, reach out to Dana’s Tire Center today.

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