Tips for Maintaining Anti-Lock Brakes

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Thanks to anti-lock braking systems (ABS), we no longer have to manually pump our brakes to come to a quick stop without the brakes seizing up. ABS gives you more control, especially in poor conditions like while driving on an icy or wet road. To do this, ABS uses a hydraulic brake system, speed sensors and a computer to reduce the distance it’ll require your vehicle to come to a full stop.

Like any aspect of your vehicle, ABS needs to be maintained in order to function properly and ensure that you’re always safe when you’re out on the road. Continue reading to learn more about ABS care from your favorite brake service in Athens County, OH:

  • Avoid using it: The best way to ensure that your ABS is in tip-top shape is to avoid relying it. Always give yourself plenty of room when you’re driving behind other vehicles, drive slower in poor conditions (or stay off the road altogether) and just use general common sense when you’re driving. You can tell that your ABS is working because the brake pedal will vibrate rapidly when you slam on the brakes. If this is a common occurrence when you’re on the road, you may want to reconsider some of your driving habits!
  • Keep it clean: A clean braking system is a happy braking system If your brakes are full of dust, mud or other grime, your ABS might not work as intended when you need to slam on the brakes. The good news is that keeping your brakes clean requires little more than hosing them down when you’re washing your car. You should also make a habit of having your brake fluid inspected on a regular basis to ensure it’s full and not leaking at all.
  • Have the speed sensors calibrated: As we mentioned above, speed sensors are one of the key components of your ABS. As the name implies, the sensors detect how fast your vehicle is moving at any given moment. Unfortunately, these sensors can lose their ability to accurately measure your speed, which means your ABS won’t be effective when needed. We recommend having your braking system calibrated about once a year, or whenever you’re having your vehicle inspected by your trusted provider of brake service in Athens County, OH.

Signs of a failing ABS

Not performing any of the maintenance mentioned above will undoubtedly lead to problems with your anti-lock braking system. If there’s any good news in this scenario, it’s that your ABS will usually show a few signs that it’s on its way out before it just stops working altogether. If the ABS light is on, if your brakes require more effort to push or if your brakes are locking up, you need to take your car in for repairs as soon as possible.

When it comes to brake service in Athens County, OH, don’t trust anyone but Dana’s Tire Center to work on your vehicle. Our pros have years of experience, ensuring that we can expertly diagnose and repair any issue with your brakes.

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