Resetting Your Steering Wheel’s “Clock”

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Remember your driver’s ed days? The instructor told you to keep your hands at 10 and 2. If you’re like many drivers, today you probably often have your hands at 6 and “off the clock.” But even if you follow the recommended driving posture, your steering wheel might not. At your local auto shop in Athens County, OH, we are often asked about this issue.

What happens when your steering wheel’s clock is not keeping the correct time? What causes it to get off center, so that 11 o’clock is now 12? Most importantly, how can you get the steering wheel back on track? How can you reset this clock? Here’s the scoop.

Why It’s Off

If you have to keep your steering wheel at a position other than 12 o’clock to drive straight, clearly there is a problem with your vehicle. When this issue occurs, it indicates a problem with the steering system.

This usually happens after a driving incident causes damage. Did you drive over a large pothole recently? Did you hit a curb? These situations can result in a bent tie rod, control arm or strut. This damage has created a misalignment of the tires. As a result, your steering is affected. The misalignment requires improper adjusting of the wheel to go straight.

What to Do

Picture someone walking along with one foot dragging behind them. See how the sole of their dragged shoe is being scuffed and worn? See how they have to make extra effort to move along a straight course?

This is what’s going on with your tires when your steering wheel is off-center. The tires aren’t going in the same direction. One is not pointing straight as it should. As you drive, this misalignment is causing severe wear and tear on your tire. To correct the problem, make arrangements for an alignment at your auto shop in Athens County, OH.

When to Act

Don’t delay. It’s important to make repairs right away if you experience this issue. As mentioned, every time you drive, you are putting extra stress on the misaligned tires that will wreck the tire and could cause other damage to your vehicle. If your steering is off-center, contact your auto shop in Athens County, OH immediately to schedule repairs.

Where to Go

Are you unsure where to take your vehicle for these repairs? Your local auto shop in Athens County, OH will be able to assist you. Look for a shop with experienced technicians that specializes in tire repair and replacement.

Right on Time

Do you need to reset your steering wheel’s clock? For superior service, contact the experienced technicians at Dana’s Tire Center. Since 1983, we’ve been the area’s go-to auto shop in Athens County, OH for tire repair and replacement. Our specialties include tires, strut replacements, steering problems and more. For your convenience, you can expect same-day service for most repairs and maintenance services. Contact us today with any questions or to get started on your repairs. We’ll have your car back on time in no time!

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