Is It Time to Think About Getting a Radiator Flush in Athens County, OH?

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While car maintenance might not always be the foremost issue on your mind, it’s important to stay on top of it so you can avoid having to shell out cash for repairs that wouldn’t have been necessary had you just kept your vehicle in good condition.

One example of a part of your vehicle that needs some special maintenance on a routine basis is your radiator. Your radiator keeps your engine’s temperature regulated while it’s working. Without it, your engine would easily overheat on hot summer days even on short drives, and would be more likely to freeze during colder weather.

It’s important to keep your radiator in good condition, because it’s an extremely important part of regulating the health of your vehicle. Your engine needs to stay within a certain temperature range to work properly, and keeping your radiator well maintained will help you accomplish exactly that.

Here are just a few examples of ways you can keep your radiator well maintained so you can avoid some expensive forms of radiator repair in Athens County, OH:

  • Keep fluid at the proper levels: Your radiator fluid or coolant needs to be kept at a certain level so you can make sure your radiator remains in good condition. It should always be mixed in a 50/50 ratio with water. You can purchase pre-mixed coolant, or mix your own.
  • Tighten the cap: Keep your radiator cap on tight at all times. This cap keeps the coolant system pressurized, and prevents the coolant from boiling over.
  • Clean: You should clean the exterior of your radiator at least once a year. There are a couple ways of accomplishing this. You can do it yourself, using a hose with a nozzle and a soft nylon brush to gently clean the radiator’s exterior. Once you’re sure the car is fully cooled off, you can brush the radiator fins, going in the direction of the fins while brushing. When you’re done with this process, rinse off the radiator with the hose, streaming from outside to inside. Your other option is simply to have a professional do it for you when you go in for your standard service appointment. Radiator cleaning is usually an add-on service at most service stations.
  • Fill: Make sure you fill the radiator at least once a year, maybe more, depending on how much you drive. This process should include flushing the radiator as well as filling it, to ensure your cooling system won’t get clogged up with particulates and debris. Over time, debris can come from the engine through old coolant, which could result in a clog in the cooling system. Again, this is a task you can perform by yourself or have a professional handle during your routine service appointment.

For more information about how you can keep your car’s radiator in good condition and what you can do to avoid expensive radiator repair in Athens County, OH, we encourage you to contact the team at Dana’s Tire Center today.

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