The End of Summer Doesn’t Mean the End of Auto Air Conditioning Maintenance

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Although August promises to bring more hot days, the bulk of the summer is behind us, and by the time the really chilly weather rolls in, you likely won’t be thinking about your car’s air conditioning at all. But just because there are only a few scorching hot days left doesn’t mean you should put off any air conditioner maintenance your car needs until next year. Your local auto repair shop in Athens County, OH is here to tell you a little bit more about what your car’s air conditioning is doing when the summer is over.

Air conditioning in cold weather

Even though you likely aren’t running your air conditioner once the warm days have passed, you will still need to be able to rely many of its functions. Along with your heater, it is your air conditioner that is responsible for defogging your windows by pulling the humidity out of the air. On rainy fall days, if you are noticing that the defrost setting isn’t working as well as it normally does, you should have your air conditioning system checked before the really cold days get here.

Use it or lose it

As summer winds down and you start to make your way through the fall days, you will be using your car’s air conditioner less and less frequently. Much like the other internal parts of your car, if your air conditioner sits without lubrication for too long, issues with the operation of some of the parts could result. If the refrigerant and oil sit unused for months, some of the parts could seize due to lack of use, which is usually one of the most common reasons many cars have air conditioning problems in the spring. In addition to having your air conditioning checked before the colder weather arrives, run your AC a couple of times during the winter to ensure that all of the parts continue to receive the movement they need.

If there is a developing problem with your air conditioning, letting it sit for several months will most likely make it worse. For example, if your car’s AC system is leaking, it might seem like a minor issue now, but this leak could damage several other components until it is repaired. When all is said and done, you could be looking at a small repair bill that will have doubled by the time you have the issue fixed.

If you think being caught without AC in the summer is bad, wait until you try to clear off your windows without air conditioning on a chilly fall day. If you want to make sure that your car’s air conditioner is ready for any season, pay us a visit at Dana’s Tire Center. Whether you want us to take a deeper look at an issue your car might be having or you just need routine maintenance, we can provide you with auto repair in Athens County, OH that will keep your car going no matter the weather. Make sure you give us a call to schedule your appointment today!

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