Six Vehicle Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Vehicle issues can happen at any time of the year, and depending on the type of car trouble, you may need to take your car to a professional auto mechanic for immediate service. Here are six warning signs you shouldn’t ignore if you want to avoid costly auto repair in Athens County, OH:

  • Check engine light is flashing: Vehicles’ dashboard lights are in place to inform drivers of car problems. For instance, a flashing check engine light is a telltale sign that something is wrong with the engine. It’s important to note that a lit-up check engine light does not automatically mean there’s a serious issue, but it is telling you to have your engine checked soon. However, you should have it checked immediately if the engine symbol is flashing (either yellow or red). This could indicate an emissions system problem.
  • Exhaust spewing excessive smoke: You might see some smoke come out from the exhaust when starting your vehicle in cold weather, or if your car is old. But smoke coming from the exhaust shouldn’t linger, nor be excessive. There should not be any smoke following behind you as you drive. This is a sign you might have an oil leak—especially if you notice a burning smell. Make a car service appointment right away.
  • Smoke coming from under the hood: It is not at all normal to have smoke coming from under the hood. If you do see smoke, pull over and turn off the ignition right away. Your vehicle could be overheating. The dashboard temperature gauge will tell you if the engine temperature is rising. Continue to drive and your engine could sustain damage.
  • Noises while in motion: You know your car, so you’ll know if a particular noise is unusual. You might hear a droning or dragging noise coming from the wheels, meaning a wheel bearing or differential bearing is failing. Or, you might notice a squealing or grinding noise when slowly coming to a stop. See your mechanic soon for a diagnosis.
  • Major leaking: A small amount of fluid under your car during the hot summer months is likely from the air conditioner, but major leaks underneath your car may warrant a visit to the mechanic. If you see big puddles on the ground toward the front of your car, this could be coolant (bright green) or engine oil, brake fluid or transmission oil (dark brown/red).
  • Transmission or engine performance issues: Something you shouldn’t ignore is a sudden change in how your vehicle operates. This includes difficultly getting up to speed, a different feel in the steering or strange sounds accompanying car performance issues. Likewise, your engine might have reoccurring shaking or chugging, signs indicative of a possible much needed tune-up.

The key to your vehicle lasting a long time is regular care and maintenance, as well as not ignoring the signs of problems that could lead to expensive auto repair in Athens County, OH. Call the team at Dana’s Tire Center to schedule an auto service appointment today!

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