Ask Your Local Auto Service in Athens County, OH About This Winter Vehicle Maintenance Checklist!

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Car ownership comes with a lot of responsibilities. You not only need to be a responsible driver behind the wheel, but with upkeep and regular maintenance as well. Just consider the price tag of your vehicle, plus the cost of repairs over time. Knowing those numbers should make you want to avoid the need for expensive repairs and parts replacements!

The winter months present more weather-related obstacles than other times of the year. For example, some areas experience hazardous road conditions, like ice, rain, snow and wind, all of which can put strain on your vehicle.

Although your locally owned and operated auto service in Athens County, OH is available to help with routine vehicle maintenance and repairs, there are steps you should be taking to minimize the need for professional services this winter. The following winter vehicle maintenance checklist is yours to review:

  • Check the battery: Vehicle battery power will drop as the temperature Keep in mind that gas engines require more battery power to start up in cold weather, while electric cars may need to stop for charging more often than in warmer weather. So, is your battery ready for winter? Have your mechanic check the voltage, inspect belts and tighten cable connections or, if needed, replace the battery entirely.
  • Inspect the tires: Inspect tire tread and overall tire condition, and keep a tire pressure gauge on hand to check the pressure when there’s a change in outdoor temperature, or every few hours in very cold weather. Additionally, all-weather/all-season tires are just fine for many areas during the winter months; however, you may want to consider snow tires if you live in an area that experiences harsh winter weather, like frequent snowstorms.
  • Check the cooling system: Your vehicle still needs coolant during the winter months, and bear in mind that coolant expands as it freezes. Since this expansion can cause damage to your engine block, you want to check that there’s the right amount of coolant in your vehicle and that it can withstand the winter temperatures where you live. During your vehicle’s pre-season service, ask your mechanic to check the cooling system for leaks, and even flush it.
  • Check the defroster and wipers: You must be able to see while driving. Test your window defrosters often to ensure they work properly, and replace worn wiper blades with heavy-duty ones.
  • Schedule a service appointment: Following a winter maintenance checklist is a good plan, but also consider getting your car serviced to start the season off right. Visit an auto shop for a tune-up and other routine services. A professional inspection can ensure that your car is in prime working condition, giving you peace of mind while out on the road on cold winter days.

Is your car, truck, SUV or other type of vehicle ready for winter? Call Dana’s Tire Center to make an appointment for auto service in Athens County, OH. You want to stay safe on the roads this winter—let us help ensure your safety!

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