How to Know if You Need Car Repair in Athens County, OH

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You may think your car is operating perfectly fine, when in actuality it is trying to tell you it needs help. Rather than risk a breakdown, take your vehicle to a local auto shop so you can get car repair in Athens County, OH and fix the problem. Not sure if your car needs repair? Watch for these telltale signs that something is wrong:

  • Foul odors: Funky smells can only mean one thing—your car is not cooperating, and you need car repair in Athens County, OH quickly. These foul odors are indicative of certain problems that an auto shop will be familiar with and be able to identify. For example, burning smells could be an issue with your transmission, while a “dirty clothes” smell could mean mold in the heating and cooling system. When you smell something unusual, be sure to get it checked.
  • Vehicle vibration: When your vehicle starts to vibrate more than usual, it’s a sign that something is wrong. You could have an exhaust leak if the gas pedal shakes or, if your steering wheel moves about, there is likely something wrong with your rotors. If the whole car shakes, that could be a major problem with the engine. No matter what is vibrating, seek out your auto shop for repairs right away.
  • Spewing liquids: A liquid leak is never a good sign. Your radiator could have sprung a leak, or your car could be losing oil, transmission, brake or power steering fluid. Anytime you see a leak of any kind it is a reason to be concerned and requires car repair in Athens County, OH.
  • Unusual noises: The varying sounds that can come from your car can be early indicators that something is wrong. Squeaks can mean your brakes are acting up, while squeals can mean a belt is worn. Grinding gears are never good, as the lubrication could be low, and metal may be making contact with other metal and wearing down parts in the process. Don’t ignore these noises from your car, as they indicate that a problem needs to be addressed.
  • Dash lights: One of the simplest ways to know if you need car repair in Athens County, OH is by what the lights on your dashboard are telling you. When they indicate that engine repair is due, take it to a qualified mechanic. Other lights can tell you if your brakes need work or you are low on oil. Whatever you do, don’t pretend you don’t see what your car is trying to tell you!

Giving some attention and care to your vehicle can help you know when car repair in Athens County, OH is needed. Don’t wait for problems to get worse. Take your car to an auto mechanic at the first sign that something is wrong. If you are looking for a qualified auto shop, visit Dana’s Tire Center. We are a full-service auto mechanic shop that can provide you the service and repairs you need to get back out on the road.

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