Four Signs That It’s Time for Car Repair in Athens County, OH

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Anyone who’s owned a car for any length of time has probably run into a problem or two with the vehicle. After all, they’re complex machines, and one small problem can have a major impact on the vehicle’s performance. Luckily, cars usually don’t just break down without a warning. There are generally telltale signs that they need to be repaired. The problem is that some people don’t know what to look for! This post will help you know what to look and listen for when it comes to car repair in Athens County, OH:

  • Dashboard lights: The quickest way to know that it’s time to bring your car in for repairs is to just look down at your dashboard. While those lights can seem to come on for no apparent reason, they usually light up because there’s an issue with some aspect of your vehicle. Among other things, these lights can tell you when it’s time to change your oil, check your tire pressure and inspect your coolant level. If a light only comes on for a few minutes at a time, it’s still a good idea to bring your vehicle in for repairs. There’s clearly something wrong underneath the hood!
  • Unusual movement: Unless you’re driving down a bumpy or gravel road, your car shouldn’t be making weird movements or vibrations. Any movement that’s out of the ordinary can have something to do with the transmission, suspension or even the tires. Regardless of the cause, these movements aren’t something you want to ignore. The longer you wait to bring your vehicle in, the worse the problem will get, and the more expensive the repairs are likely to be.
  • Strange noises: Unless you have an electric vehicle, your car is going to make some sort of noise while it’s running. But there’s a big difference between the noises it makes while it’s running and the noises it makes when it’s about to break down. Noises to listen for that are signs of an inevitable breakdown include high-pitched squeals, grinding sounds or weird rattling. A lot of major problems begin with a strange noise, and the sooner you can get your car to a mechanic, the less expensive the issue will likely be to repair.
  • Routine maintenance: The best way to avoid the need for car repair in Athens County, OH is to bring your vehicle in for routine maintenance at least a couple times per year. This visit to a car shop for maintenance can include a variety of different things, but it always entails an oil change, tire rotation and brake check. These maintenance visits not only prevent the need for repair, they can also boost your car’s overall performance.

At Dana’s Tire Center, we have over three decades of experience with car repair in Athens County, OH, so you know you can trust us to fix your vehicle. If and when you see or hear any of the above signs, give us a call or visit our shop. We perform a wide range of services on all makes and models of cars and trucks.

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