When to Get Your AC Checked at an Auto Shop in Athens County, OH

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During the summer, the temperature can be so high that everyone will be scrambling to find a way to cool off. When driving your vehicle, the best option you have available to you is your AC—but that is only if your AC is functioning properly. Should there be signs that your AC is malfunctioning, you may want to take your vehicle in to be repaired by a professional.

If you are undecided about getting your AC checked at an auto shop in Athens County, OH, here’s what to look for to help you make a decision:

  • Noise: It is not uncommon for your car’s AC to make noise when it is not functioning properly. The next time you turn on your AC, listen closely. You may hear a few squeaks, humming or even a knocking noise. You could always ignore these noises, but it would be safer to assume that there is something wrong, and taking it to an auto shop where someone can diagnose the problem and perform a repair would be a good idea.
  • Odors: Much like when there is an issue with the AC in your home, when your car’s AC is broken or malfunctioning, there may be an odor present. When you turn on your AC, you shouldn’t smell anything. This odor could possibly be caused by a dirty air filter, but there could be other factors contributing to the problem. You will likely not know the exact cause of the odor until you get a professional to take a look.
  • Temperature: On those warm days where the heat is unbearable, you’ll want to turn on your AC and feel the cool air blowing on you. When your AC isn’t working properly, you may notice a problem with the temperature of the air. The air blowing on you may be cool, but not as cool as it should be, or it could even be hot air instead of cool. Before you can enjoy the cool air and be comfortable in your vehicle, a repair will likely be needed.
  • Leaks: A properly functioning AC doesn’t leak. In some cases, the leak can be underneath the vehicle, while in other cases the leak can actually be inside the vehicle. Regardless of a leak’s location, this is a sign that your AC is broken. There is no question that a leak warrants a visit to an auto shop where a professional can inspect your vehicle, properly diagnose the problem and repair your AC.

You may not be 100 percent sure that something is wrong with your AC, but perhaps there is something that has caught your attention and concerned you. From a leak to hot air blowing on you, when you believe something is wrong with your AC, it is best to take your vehicle in immediately. The sooner you get the problem fixed, the sooner you will be back to enjoying cool air in your car on those warm summer days.

If you’re concerned about your AC and need to take your vehicle into an auto shop in Athens County, OH, call Dana’s Tire Center today to schedule an appointment.

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