How to Care for Your Summer Tires in Athens County, OH Last

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If you want your vehicle to last many years, maintenance is a must. Keeping things in order under the hood is important, but there are many other parts of your vehicle that require your attention, including your tires. As the summer kicks off and you become preoccupied with trips, get-togethers and many other fun activities, you’ll want to remember to take care of your tires to ensure they last through the season.

Here’s how to care for your summer tires in Athens County, OH:

  • Check your tire pressure: As you make your way from point A to point B and anywhere else you need to go, changes in your tire pressure may occur. When tires are at the incorrect pressure, your steering, braking and gas mileage can be affected. Between the hot surfaces you drive over and the warm weather, it is easy for your tire pressure to not be what it should be during the summer, so it is important that you are checking it and making adjustments regularly.
  • Check tread depth: Whether you have a big road trip coming up or plan to stay in town, you need to check the tread depth on your tires to ensure they will survive the summer. The tread depth of your tires is another thing that can impact your steering, braking and traction while you are driving, so if there is no tread or it is close to being gone, it might be time to purchase new tires.
  • Rotate tires: Rotating your tires is going to help resolve the issue of uneven wear. Since your tire tread depth has an impact on your steering, braking and more, uneven wear is not good. If you remember to rotate your tires at some point during the summer, ideally after you notice there is a problem with wear, this will allow your tires to last longer and prevent many problems from occurring while you are driving your vehicle.
  • Repair flat tires immediately: A lot of different things can cause a flat tire. A puncture from a nail or other sharp object, road construction and even the hot surfaces you drive on can leave your tire flat and in need of repair. Should this happen to you, you’ll want to get your flat repaired immediately, especially if you want to avoid further damage or having to purchase a whole new tire for your vehicle.

Every part of your car needs to be maintained if you want your car to function properly. Most of the time, you may be focused on what is under the hood, but you should not neglect your tires or any other part of your vehicle. Since one part can easily affect another when it malfunctions, it is important to put forth the effort to keep your vehicle on the road and avoid having to deal with problems that could have been prevented.

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