Get Your Car Ready for Winter with Auto Service in Athens County, OH

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With winter in full swing, it is imperative that your vehicle is prepared for the weather. Ensuring that your vehicle is fully operational for the winter can eliminate breakdowns in this cold weather, and will help keep you safe when you are on the road in the snow and ice. By checking in with your auto service in Athens County, OH, you can avoid any preventable issues this winter and make sure your vehicle is ready for the cold. Here are some items your auto service will look at during a winter maintenance checkup on your car or truck:

  • Tires: This is important for all the driving you will do on roads covered with snow and ice this winter. Tires that are worn down and don’t have enough tread to make it through the season should be replaced by your auto service in Athens County, OH. You may even want to consider putting on winter tires to help your vehicle maneuver through the snow and really grip the road.
  • Wiper blades: Your wiper blades will most likely be replaced during your winter maintenance check by your auto service in Athens County, OH. Wiper blades only have a one-year lifespan, and you want to make sure yours operate as close to new when slush and moisture affect your windshield this winter.
  • Fluids: All of your fluids for your vehicle will be topped off to ensure you are ready to go through the winter. This includes your windshield wiper fluid, which is an essential during the winter to keep your windshield clean while you are driving.
  • Battery: The charge on your vehicle’s battery will be tested by an auto service in Athens County, OH during your winter maintenance checkup, as this can ensure your car will start during the cold weather. A low battery could leave you stranded, which is why yours may need to be replaced to get through the winter without incident.
  • Brakes: Your brakes are an important part of making sure you are safe this winter. They will be inspected for wear to make sure you have enough brake pad material to provide a safe stopping distance. Brakes that are worn can impede your ability to stop quickly, especially in poor conditions, and should be replaced to avoid an accident.
  • Heating system: Your heating system will also be inspected to ensure that it is operating properly and maintaining temperature. No one wants to go around all winter in freezing temperatures with no heat in their vehicle. An auto service in Athens County, OH can repair your heating system and make sure you can handle the low temperatures of the winter weather in comfort.

With an inspection from an auto service in Athens County, OH, you can guarantee your vehicle is safe on the road this winter and help to prevent breakdowns from occurring. To schedule your winter maintenance, contact Dana’s Tire Center. We have been in business since 1983, providing quality auto repair and maintenance to all vehicle types. Contact us today to schedule a checkup for your vehicle!

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