Four Signs You Need Exhaust Repair in Athens County, OH

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The exhaust system of your vehicle is an integral part of your car’s or truck’s operating system. While it works to reduce the noise of your vehicle, it also helps to ensure you are safe and not breathing in any of the toxic fumes that come from your car’s tailpipe. While it may be an obvious warning when your muffler falls off that you need exhaust repair in Athens County, OH, some of the other indications of exhaust problems are not as immediately apparent. Here are some signs to watch for in your car or truck that indicate you need exhaust repairs:

  • Loud noises: This is an obvious sign that you need repair, as there is most likely something wrong with your muffler. There could be a rust hole or a breakage in the tailpipe linkage that is causing exhaust to spill out and create noise in your vehicle. Anytime you hear a noise that can range from a loud popping to a hissing sound, have your vehicle inspected or seek exhaust repair in Athens County, OH.
  • Gas fumes: Anytime you smell gas fumes inside your vehicle, it is cause for alarm. These fumes have the potential to be hazardous to your health without proper ventilation. The exhaust pipes in your exhaust system route these gas fumes out the back end of your car. When you can smell this inside your car, this is an indication that you may have a leak in your exhaust system that needs to be repaired. By having exhaust repair in Athens County, OH, you can make sure these fumes don’t present a health risk to you or anyone who rides in your car.
  • Poor gas mileage: When you notice your fuel mileage is going down, even when you drive to the same places as part of your normal routine, this could mean that the oxygen sensor within your exhaust system needs to be replaced. A new sensor will help return your fuel economy to normal and make sure your exhaust system runs properly while you are driving.
  • Excessive smoke: When your vehicle leaves a trail of smoke behind you, no matter how fast or slow you are going, you are most definitely in need of exhaust repair in Athens County, OH. Your muffler is most likely the culprit in this instance, especially if the smoke has a blue tint to it. This could mean you have damage to your muffler and it will need to be replaced. Don’t let an issue such as this go without repair, as you run the risk of losing your muffler entirely, which can create more problems for your vehicle.

When you see any of these signs in your vehicle be sure to get exhaust repair in Athens County, OH as soon as possible. If left unattended, these exhaust problems could get worse and be more costly to repair. To secure exhaust repair for your vehicle, visit Dana’s Tire Center. We are a full-service automotive repair center, and we can fix anything from engines and transmissions to suspensions and brakes. Call today for an appointment!

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