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When you are choosing tires in Athens County, OH, it is important to know the right size. While many customers notice the obvious difference between tires made for SUVs versus those for compact cars, it is the more subtle differences that are frequently overlooked. Customers also tend to make tire size decisions based on saving money, which is not always a good idea. Here are five reasons why you need to choose the best size for your car:

  • Safety: This is the big reason why you need the correct tires for your vehicle. The confusing combination of numbers and letters along your tire indicate the size needed for you to safely operate and maneuver your vehicle. There is also a range of sizes for each vehicle so you can choose budget models or luxury 4WD specialty tires for your car based on that range. If you go smaller than the stated requirements, the tires will not handle the weight of your vehicle, passengers and cargo. Going larger than stated specifications makes emergency handling impossible, and you will not be able to brake quickly. Do not try to stretch your budget with too-small tires or overcompensate with larger ones than what is indicated for your car. It is not worth the risk.
  • Comfort: Large SUV tires are made to handle the vehicle weight, but they also add another feature: a smooth drive. If you get the largest tires available and appropriate for your vehicle, you will also enjoy a comfortable ride. This is especially true with SUVs and luxury cars. With compact cars, it will smooth the ride and soften the blow if you come across potholes or road debris. If you can afford wider larger tires that are still within the range of your vehicle, consider it. You may enjoy the benefits.
  • Speed control: You want the number on your odometer to match reality, or surprising speeding tickets may be in your future. The diameter of the tire also assists in maintaining a constant speed and having that translate correctly to your dashboard dials.
  • Traction: When you are choosing specialized treads for mud, four-wheeling and snow, size also indicates the amount of traction. Larger tires with more tread mean improved handling in adverse conditions. If you are looking for something specific for a drive through snowy country or your next outdoor adventure, you do not want to skimp on size. Going oversized is also a bad choice, since that will reduce handling in these conditions.
  • Resale value: If you plan on selling or trading in your car in the next few years, the right size tires will help in that endeavor. No one wants to buy a car only to have to replace the tires in a few months because they are mismatched to the vehicle or have bare tread. Take care of your tires and choose the right ones so your vehicle is desirable to potential future owners.

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